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Owl soap dishes, casseroles, and mugs

This week's kiln load had a large dinnerware order so not as many pieces for sale, but the load was excellent! I'm particularly happy with these mugs

In progress are many hand built trays, some hosta leaf, some caladium and others in Modern Lace. It's fun working on them and I can't wait to see how they emerge.

On a shopping trip with my daughter in law we found a shop that makes flavored balsamic vinegars. I've been using them in salad dressings, marinades, and drizzled over rice. The taste is amazing. I hope you discover something new that delights you this week. 


Just in time for Mothers Day!

My kiln load this week has Birds Nest casseroles, an extra large Urban Rustic bowl,a Modern White platter,  and the small Mama and Baby Bird bowls that sold out so quickly last week. I also have Owl keepsake boxes and a new Birds Nest keepsake box- watch for it late on 4/30. 

We are going to the New Orleans Jazz Fest this weekend, and will return on 5/5. I will upgrade to Priority any in stock Mothers Day gifts that are purchased this weekend and will ship by 5/6. 

In progress: nesting bowl sets in medium and large, 4 cup flower bowls, Urban Rustic bowls. I wish you all some moments of laughter and joy.


9/2/12 new work available

 Happy Labor Day weekend to those in the US. It's also my anniversary today, and I started out unloading a kiln, which was beautiful! I have 1 extra Birds nest casserole, and preorders available for the next firing Sept 20th. I also have 2 amazing Pea Pod casseroles, owl soap dishes, available now. Watch for new works as I get them photographed: a wolf keepsake box, large hand built bowl, and new Neon Christmas ornaments with geometric stars, reindeer and peace doves.

I will also be offering many more collaborative works with my daughter, who has the Etsy shop, MarciG. She has a brilliant design eye and I think you will fall in love with the next generation of Lee Wolfe Pottery. Now I'm off to the Arboretum to enjoy a sunny anniversary day.



new work!8/19 flower bowls and owls


I have all 3 large 8 cup flower bowls, and every color of the 2 cup size, plus some new ones. There were also some very cute small owl bowls in this kiln load. Look for an updated Owl House ornament as well. On 8/22, look for my new raven bowls, raven luminaries, textured vine bowls, and a few Birds Nest casseroles.

Thanks for your interest!  With the weather cooling off and my 2 awesome new studio assistants, I'm enjoying clay time. I'm into some autumn glazes, and still running tests for my Neon Christmas collection. Maybe we'll even get some snow here in Asheville this year.

Hope you find time to pick fall fruit, take a walk after dinner, stay up too late with good company... whatever brings you joy.


Just in: Birds Nest Casseroles, Organic Soul Nesting Bowl Set, Turquoise Sunset Flower Bowl, and small owl bowls


On Sunday August 19th, look for Autumn Song Flower Bowls, Turquoise Sunset Flower Bowls, small Flower Bowls in all colors, Textured Lace Bowls, and more small Owl Bowls.  Thank you so much for your interest and patience if you are waiting for something and hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


next kiln load: July 22


Lots of everyone's favorites are firing now, and will get listed by Sunday, July 22. Look for very limited quantities of Birds Nest casseroles, large flower bowls, owl bowls, textured lace bowls, and love birds luminaries. On July 25h, watch for pea Pod casseroles, penguin cake toppers, more flower bowls, and goblets. 

How am I getting all this done??? I have 2 wonderful new assistants who help with glazing, hand building dinnerware, packing, and answering email. So if I've been obnoxiously slow to reply, I'm sorry! It will get better. My 15 hour day has left me too exhausted to type. I'm very happy to have found 2 talented young ceramic artists to help me out.


Now in Stock!

 I had a great kiln firing this week. Now in stock are a Pea pod casserole, Love Birds keepsake box, 2 Owls keepsake box, Daddy and Baby Owl keepsake box, and both large flower bowls. New pieces will be photographed and listed this week, so check back. Thanks for your interest! Happy Memorial Day weekend, hope you have some fun.