Arabesque Bowls

turn your table into personal expression

Food Nourishes

the way we serve it and the people we invite to our table nourish us as well

Mama and Baby Bird Bowl

how quickly that time speeds by when your child is a little babe leaning towards you for protection and nurturing

Hosta Leaf bowl

new from the poppies and leaves collection

Flower Nesting Bowls

fine artisan stoneware for everyday celebrations

Welcome to Lee Wolfe Pottery

Rustic, organic dinnerware and bespoke serving pieces. My sets have been in daily use for 35 years. I make each ceramic piece by hand in stoneware clay with heirloom quality, food safe glazes. These organic shapes emerge from the land I share in the Blue Ridge Mountains with birds, fox, bats and magical plant life.

Coming Soon!

I’m working on a new collection!

The next collection is Darkness into Light. This theme is both personal and seasonal. Emerging from winter are brilliant plants and new life nurtured by sunlight. It has been a time for me of healing. Buried in my own darkness is anxiety and fears for the future. Making these pieces has allowed me to reach for joy and hope. Each piece is imbued with this evolution and I hope you sense the transformation and feel the love and exuberance.

Ends June 1, 2024 at 8:00 pm

The Collection is open!