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White Birds, Owls, and Nests

Doves, ravens, nests, penguins and owls are hand sculpted, one at a time, and used as knobs or embellishments. I love the both the symbolism of bird totems and the graceful, fierce, and sometimes comical appearance. 

The white dove has been the symbol of peace and hope for thousands of years. Picasso popularized doves in the 1950s. When WW2 ended, he was asked to create an image for the Peace Conference and he chose the Dove of Peace. Doves are also symbols of love and equality in marriage, making them a perfect wedding gift icon.

The Raven, who answers "Nevermore" in Poe's infamous poem, is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. He is a cunning protector of his friends, and will guard your home with his watchful eyes! Ravens and crows are also simply charming and intriguing, perfect for Halloween, and treasured year round.

Penguins are a totem of both ambition and drive at work as well as nurturing and caring at home. I see the attraction to black and white in folks who are willing to accept and love both the light and the dark in themselves and others.

Bird's eggs have often been used as symbols of possibilities about to burst forth and take flight. They are a great way to celebrate promise and hope in your life and as a gift for someone starting a new phase in life.