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Introducing Wabi Sabi vases

Posted May 09, 2016 in new works, works in progress

This is my first 2016 experimental piece that is turning into a series. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that denotes perfect imperfection. The objects are intentionally off center, irregular, and roughly textured. They are quite meditative and intuitive to make. Each one uses negative space wisely, and creates interesting shadows in the textured body. Simple blooms, twigs, and feathers turn into dramatic table sculpture and the variations are endless. Am I rambling? Sorry! I just love them and am excited to explore more this year.

Here are the other New Listings this week.

If you've followed my health saga, you know my surgery was postponed until May 16th, allowing me to complete another last 2 kiln loads. I have very good doctors and expect to be completely fine once I recoup, and am optimistic about having much better health. 

I am not following the ancestral diet, which allows me to lose the weight that has contributed to my health issues. It's easy and delicious, so you may find future recipes here soon!

Thanks so much for following my creative and health journey. It is a great privilege to share my life with you.



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