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Raven and the Tall Trees Lantern

Lee Wolfe Pottery

Raven and the Tall Trees Lantern
  • Raven and the Tall Trees Lantern
  • Raven and the Tall Trees Lantern


 This lidded lantern was thrown on a wheel and carved with tree silhouettes. It is glazed with a coppery metallic glaze on the trees and 4 other glazes. It casts beautiful and enchanting shadows when lit. I see one solo raven in the trees outside my second story window in winter. She likes to peer into our home and it feels like she is watching over us in friendship. She's been there 3 years in a row and I finally made a lantern to depict our neighborly relationship.

This is from my series Guardian Lanterns, which I generally make in autumn and winter, when our ancestors huddled around fire for warmth and safety. Each lantern uses light and shadow to create a sense of awe and magic. 

The Raven is a guardian and protector, gifted with wisdom and cunning. 

It takes several hours to design and carve my lanterns. If my knife slips, or the glaze does not flow well, all the work is lost. Everything came together perfectly for this piece.

It is 11" H X 

PHOTOS: you get the exact one pictured here.