I am an Episcopalian woman married to a Jewish man, in a blended family with children raised in both traditions. In order not to overwhelm either side with religious icons, I set both a Hanukkah table and Christmas table in neutral tones with pops of silver and blue at Hanukkah and gold, green and red for Christmas. Over the years, my Christmas table has grown into a fun family project that is simple and elegant in a woodsy, very Wolfe family-like way. 

We gather foraged greens from the garden and yard. Some things, like pine coned, seed pods, and leaves are spray painted in metallic gold. 


Next we add lots of candles and pottery. I always use my tree vases as candlesticks! 


We create an organic flowing table runner down the center with greens, metallics, and candles. It feels so warm and welcoming! Having neutral table linens lets the center come alive. This year we added painted animals- another fun family project I'll share at a later time.


However you celebrate, and whatever you celebrate, I hope that light, and beauty, and deep joy find their way into your gatherings.

A note from the author:

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Lee Wolfe